Monday, 5 March 2012

A Hair Miracle

My hair has never been my crowning glory. Long or short, blond or brunette, it has always been too fine, too frizzy and since I was 13, too dry. I have tried everything to improve it, from the most expensive conditioning treatments, the best cutters and colourists, very expensive hair extensions and all manner of products, and struggled to find a long term solution. Some things have worked better than others.
Kerastase products really help the dryness and frizz, my colourist and stylist are beyond amazing (Mario and Sabrina at Richard Ward, well worth the cost!) and I loved having hair extensions. For the first time, I had thick, long hair….my dreams came true, but my husband found the bonds that are used to attach them really disgusting, he thought they looked like worms (which they did), so they were never going to last! And they were quite a lot of work, as every night I had to separate every bond, to make sure they didn’t mat together.
Last week I decided to try the only thing left in the world of hair treatments that I hadn’t yet experienced, a Brazilian Blow-dry or Keratin treatment. I found a local hairdresser who was prepared to come to my house to do this strange sounding treatment, which was ideal for me. It involves washing your hair with a special shampoo, then having a normal blowdry. Your hair is then coated in a keratin treatment and blowdried again, and then straightened with extra hot straightening irons. You then can’t get your hair wet, or wear it up for 48 hours, while the keratin works its magic. This, for me, was the worst bit, as your hair feels and looks super straight (not the best look on me) and very greasy, and you have to keep it down.
I washed it off on Saturday afternoon, barely breathing with the excitement and anticipation. I had read such amazing things about the treatment, but didn’t hold out much hope, as my hair has always seemed incapable of looking glossy or smooth. However, after a wash (with shampoo that doesn’t contain Sodium Chloride, which is quite hard to find!) and a good condition, I saw down with my beloved Parlux 3200 and blasted it dry, without styling it at all. The results…..incredible! My hair was, and still is, very smooth and soft, straight (but not too straightened, it just looks like straight hair) and in much better condition. Its got much more shine to it, and there is no frizz at all, and that’s without using any products. I cannot imagine how good the results will be with some serum and a proper blowdry.
For my over-processed, frizzy barnet, this treatment is incredible. I am thrilled. But, I don’t think it would be so good for anyone with hair in good condition or hair that is already straight, as it has taken out a lot of the volume (and I had a lot of natural body, I just needed a quick shake to get hair that resembled a ball of candy floss), so if you are hoping for bouncy, or fuller hair as a result of this treatment, I would probably steer clear.

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