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I'm Alex, a 28 year old mum to 1 year old Ophelia (Fifi for short) and baby Arthur. I'm married to Mr.G, who is the best Dad in the world (that's an official title apparently) and quite funny to boot. I have an unhealthy addiction to beauty products, shoes and clothes (not to mention jewellery, handbags....). I also love decorating my home (I live in West London) and being a mum. So, I thought I'd blog about things I like, stuff I don't and anything else along the way.

I'm not a make up artist or journalist, so the views expressed here are just my opinion!


  1. I've been following your blog for a couple of months now and really enjoying reading your posts!! Loving the new look too!! Just in the middle of designing my own blog and wondered how you went about designing yours. Any tips would be gratefully received as I'm finding the blogger templates won't do what I want them to! Am I missing something obvious or do I have to learn how to write code??.... Many thanks!

    1. Hi, thank you so much for such a lovely message! i have struggled with Blogger too, their templates are so hard to manipulate. I've added lots of custom HTML using widgets. Most of the code you need you can find on google really easily, i am not at all good with coding! If you have any specific questions, drop me an email and i'll try and help!

      Alex x

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