Thursday, 26 April 2012

Blissful Eyes

You may have noticed, but I have a real bee in my bonnet about wrinkles around my eyes. So much so that I rarely leave the house without a tube of some lotion or potion to slap on every now and then. Yes, people think I'm odd, but I am determined to keep those evil furrows away from my face, no matter how strange I may look, slapping eye cream on my face in the middle of Waitrose. 

One of the best tools in my eye arsenal is the Triple Oxygen Eye Masks from Bliss. They are strange little pieces of paper, absolutely soaked in liquid, that you put on your eyes and leave for 15 minutes, to reveal plumped, refreshed skin. They dribble all down your face when you apply them, so also require a mandatory 15 minute lie down, which also works wonders on eye bags! I use them before a night out (well, that would be never at the moment, so I also just whack them on if I'm feeling particularly puffy in the eye department) and find they really smooth the eye area and make makeup go on much better, leaving a smoother texture for it to sit on.

I swear that they make a difference, unlike most eye masks and patches,w hich just leave either a greasy residue or do absolutely nothing. I have tried an Estee Lauder version, which are not anything like as good as these. They are definitely the best eye masks on the market in my opinion, and certianly give sliced cucumber a run for it's money.

Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energising Eye Mask, from £35.80 for a pack of 4, available here

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