Monday, 14 May 2012

Beam Me Up

I thought I would share a sneak peek of a new beauty product that has just been launched, and is pretty incredible! It's by Benefit, and a new addition to their highlighter range, called Sun Beam. They already have High Beam (a staple in my make up kit, a soft pink highlighter), and Moon Beam (an iridescent highlighter, I'm not so keen on), but Sun Beam is going to outshine them all!

It's a soft golden bronze, which add warmth to all skin tones, without looking overly tanned or orangey. It will look incredible with a suntan, and adds a touch of sun kissed beauty to your skin. I have tried it and adore it, and cannot recommend it highly enough if you like a soft golden glow (seriously, who doesn't want that?).

Benefit Sun Beam, costs £18.50 and is available online and at Benefit counter nationwide

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