Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Cupcake Mum

I have been a member of Cupcake for a few months now, and thought a post about it was well overdue. If you are not familiar with Cupcake, it is a club for parents, children and mum’s to be, with a huge selection of classes for children (from birth upwards) and exercise classes for parents. It has a café, crèche, spa (which non members can use) and small gym area. I hesitated over joining for quite a while, as I really love going to the gym (a big gym, not a tiny one) and hate exercise classes (I’m not very coordinated), so if I was ever going to join, it would be additional to my gym membership, and this struggled to make financial sense. However, a few months ago, I was trying to sign Fifi up for several classes, separate to Cupcake, and added up the cost of the individual classes. Factor in the inconvenience of traipsing allover London to get to various venues and having to meet a whole new batch of mum’s and children (not necessarily a bad thing, but sometimes familiar is good, normally when running on 4 hours sleep), I equated that Cupcake might actually be justifiable. So, we joined up, and have been loving the variety of classes (Little Chef’s to Baby Ballet, we go to them all!) and the ball pit (Fifi’s all time favourite!).

Last week, I was thrilled to be offered the chance to try out a pregnancy treatment in their spa, and write about it. Not one to say no to an hour of relaxation, I booked in. The spa is really well kitted out, offering everything from Shellac to spray tans, and wonderful for expectant mothers, as they have a special water filled bed to lie on, to take the pressure off your back and legs, during the treatment. I came out positively relaxed and glowing, having felt comfortable and chilled out for the first time in weeks. The genius of the water bed, is that you can lie on your front, but the therapist can get her hands underneath you, as the bed is so squishy, to massage your back, without squashing your bump. Of all of the pregnancy treatments I have had so far, I found this bed concept the best by far. I genuinely felt more comfortable than I can remember, which is worth it’s weight in gold to someone heavily pregnant (and overheating in the warm weather!). my therapist, Mercy, was wonderful, giving me a great massage and a calming experience. The products are by a small company called Pinks Boutique, using predominantly organic ingredients, so great for pregnancy.

Cupcake itself is great. It is really well thought out and geared to new mums, who want to get out and about in a safe and easy environment. From serving baby food in the cfae (with a glass of wine for mum) to being bale to leave your little one in the crèche for 2 hours while you go off site, is brilliant for those times when you need to catch your breath. It is a luxury, and the downside is that classes tend to get fully booked quite quickly, which is a bit frustrating, but understandable. My only real criticism is that there is no outside space. There is a park just across the road, so it’s not exactly the end of the world, but a bit of sunshine would make it a dream location.  If you are thinking about joining, it’s definitely worth a look. The staff are super friendly and not at all pushy, so a tour and a coffee in the café might be a place to start, or a treatment in the spa!

Cupcake Mum, 11 Heathmans Road, SW6 4TJ. Pregnancy massage starts from £45, although members get 10% off. If you are feeling indulgent, a pregnancy pamerping package is £150 for a 2.5hr exfoliation, massage and facial.

Pinks Boutique, products available from Cupcake

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