Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Top Takeaway!

Since having a baby, takeaway food seems to have become a big part of my diet. I love cooking, and try and eat really well (don't count the chocolate biscuits or Haribo), but by the time I've got the baby fed, washed and sleeping, tidied the toys away and caught my breath, sometime the desire to cook is well and truly absent. So, we've been eating our way around every takeaway in South West London, and have found some really good ones.

Holy Cow - this is the most wonderful Indian takeaway company, who make the most delicious and authentic Indian food, but without the heaviness and greasy residue that you get with most Indian takeaways. They have branches all over London, and their menu is online.

Pappa Ciccia - if you haven't tried pizza from Pappa Ciccia, you are really missing out. This is proper pizza, from a wood-fired pizza oven; crisp, delicious and very satisfying. They also offer yummy pasta and risotto dishes, as well as salads and a whole host of starters. I adore the chicken pasta (Tagliatelli Al Pollo), but struggle to choose from the extensive menu. I am yet to find anything that i haven't liked!

Naked Nosh - based on the Fulham Road, Naked Nosh deliver fresh, home cooked familiar dishes straight to your door. They use fresh, seasonal produce, so the menu changes quite often, but retains popular staples, such as the lamb burger and lasagne. They don't have online ordering, but are always very friendly and helpful on the phone, and store your details, so you can order quickly if you are a regular!

Cook - this isn't a takeaway company as such, but they do deliver delicious and reasonably priced home cooked food, for you to freeze and just chuck in the oven when you need it. they make starters, mains, sides and desserts, as well as children's food, which is tasty and so handy to stock your freezer with. They are great if you know you have a busy few weeks ahead (expecting a baby etc), and want proper food, that doesn't make you feel like too much of a fraud (Mr. G still thinks that my Beef Bourginon is the best he's had in ages, I don't have the heart to break it to him that it's from Cook!).

Holy Cow, branches in Putney, Hammersmith and Battersea, amongst others. Menu is online with phone numbers to order.

Pappa Ciccia, click the link to find their website for online ordering. 

Naked Nosh, menu is online, to place an order call 0207 736 7007

Cook, available at stores nationwide, or online from their website. Main courses start at £4.50 for one portion.

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