Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Dragons and Pirate Ships

We have just finished decorating the new nursery, and I've been on the hunt for pictures and wall hangings to make it a fun room for my little man. Without giving too much away, we are naming him after a bit of a historical legend (all will be revealed in 8 weeks or so), and Mr. G's family pirate. Pirate, I hear you say? Who has a family pirate? Well, apparently we do. A wee while ago, when havoc reigned in the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean, a rather so-so pirate pootled about in his boat, doing very little and swinging a rather large cutlass. A few decades later, said cutlass takes pride of place on our bedroom mantlepiece (what burglar wants to argue with a genuine pirate's cutlass?), and Mr. G's first son will take at least one of this rather average pirate's names. To be fair, this could all be a rouse to make me think that Mr. G and his clan are cooler than the tartan skirts they whip out frequently would suggest, but I've fallen for it hook, line and sinker (do you see what I did there?)!

So, in honour of his rather intriguing names, I wanted to find some pictures to do them justice. Pirate ships, desert islands and maybe a dragon or two (the aforementioned historical legend liked a dragon) are he order of the day, but a little harder to come across than elephants and baby block prints. So, I was thrilled to discover Lucy Loveheart, an artist and illustrator who creates whimsical children's pictures, which capture the excitement of childhood fantasties. Even the prints are scattered with glitter and metallic stars and fairies, bringing them to life!

Lucy Loveheart, available online and in Susie Watson, 125 Northcote Road, SW11 6PS. Prints start at £45.

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