Saturday, 2 June 2012

Eye Tubes

I've stumbled across a new type of mascara this week, on the recommendation of a friend. It is a totally new concept, in that it creates mini tubes around each eyelash which do not flake or rub off during the day. The idea being that you don't end up with panda eyes when you wear it.

It's called Blinc, and a bit hard to get hold of (stockists are listed below), but a really clever idea. It's perfect for everyday, when you know you won't have a second to touch up your make up, but you want to look glam. It's pretty easy to apply, you put it on like a normal mascara, and leave it to dry for a few minute, top up layers after a minute or two if you want more volume (yes please). To remove, it's a bit trickier, you use water and sort of pull the tubes off, very gently (I did it with a wet flannel). I found this the most fiddly bit, and pulled my lashes a bit too hard, and worried about some coming out. They didn't, and I'm sure practice makes perfect, but it's definitely a different way to take your make up off! The worst bit is that it leave funny little spidery tubes in the sink or bath, which are a bit creepy, but a whole lot better than black smudges on your face, like with traditional mascara.

My opinion on Blinc is that it is wonderful in principle, especially for those of you with luscious, long lashes. It adds a strong black coating, and really does last all day, even going to the gym. However, it doesn't add the volume and bulk of other mascaras, which I am a bit addicted to, especially in the evening, so for me, this is very much a daytime mascara. But a brilliant one. I think for a simple, everyday look, this stuff is perfect, but if you want to wow with full, long lashes, I'd probably stick with my trusty Lancome or Max Factor mascaras. 

Blinc Mascara, £18.50. Available in black, dark and medium brown, dark blue, dark green and dark purple. Buy online (click link above), from Amazon, or from beauty salons, check website for stockists.

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