Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Swim Baby Swim

With less than 6 weeks to go until the arrival of Baby G, I wanted to share some more brilliant maternity buys that I have discovered recently, particularly ones that are great for holidays. I find maternity swimwear quite hard to find, it's either very boring or ill fitting, which makes does nothing to boost your confidence while lying poolside. I have stumbled across two great costumes, which fit well and look adorable (not necessarily on me, but on the models at least!). I wore them on my recent holiday, and felt that I looked tolerable, which was a achievement!

Figleaves Maternity Grace Swimsuit

ASOS Maternity Tankini with Broderie Ruffle
I just threw on a big sarong and my favourite sunglasses, which always make me feel a bit more confident, even if they are a bit wacky (Mr. G always sings Elton John songs when I put them on)

Prada Minimal Baroque Sunglasses
Comfortable sleepwear is a must when on holiday or at home. I am in the stages of getting up every hour to use the loo, and struggling to be comfy in between. My absolute current favourites are Elle Macpherson Intimates Midnight Breeze, which are silky soft, supportive and cool, while looking slimming and chic (black is always a winner for sleepwear in my book!).

The matching maternity underwear is also very comfortable and pretty!

I have also been wearing a few things by a company called Me & Em, which isn't maternity wear, but fits over a bump and as it's made from soft jersey, is very comfortable. I wore the Martini dress to fly in, which looks great but feels even better when you are squashed on an aeroplane. I also adore their lounge pants, and lived in them when Fifi was born. They are currently holding a great sale, so have a look!

Finally, a good manicure and pedicure will set you up to look fabulous on the beach. My current colour of choice is Essie, A Splash of Grenadine, which lasts better than any other brand of nail varnish I have tried, and is such a happy colour.

Figleaves Maternity Grace Swimsuit, £35, available online in sizes 8-16

Asos Maternity Tankini, £25, available online in sizes 8-18

Chanel Minimal Baroque Sunglasses, I bought these a few years ago and they are no longer available, but if you too want to look like Elton, try eBay.

Elle Macpherson Intimates Midnight Breeze, from £40 online (currently on sale on Asos) in sizes 8-18

Me & Em, Martini Dress, currently £59.50 online, in sizes 8-16

Essie, A Splash of Grenadine, £7.95 available online and in Essie salons

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