Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Nailed It

You may have read some of my previous blog posts on gel nails, Shellac in particular, and
how I love the concept but found my nails very weak and dry afterwards, and had a problem
with the lack of exciting colours. So, in the name of beauty research, I thought I’d try some of the other big brands out there, and have come across a brilliant alternative to Shellac, that does the same job (glossy, chip free nails for 2-3 weeks on hands and 6 weeks on toes) but without damaging your nails at all, and, even better, comes in 150 shades.

This wonder product is Bio Sculpture Gel, a gel nail treatment that can be tailored to your
individual nails (if they are soft, a different treatment gel is used than would be if your nails
are brittle). It can also incorporate some pretty fancy nail art, from embedding snakeskin to sparkly Olympic rings, the choices are seemingly endless.

I found the whole treatment fabulous. From the cuticle work to the final glossy finish, it was a real treat. It lasted incredibly well, and didn’t chip or peel, unlike lots of reports I have heard about other products.

I am a definite convert, and have loved having a perfect manicure (hot pink for me, in a shade called Royal Highness!), without dealing with flaky, peeling nails afterwards.

Bio Sculpture Gel, for more details and colours!

The Hand and Foot Spa, 153 Fulham Road, SW3 6SN. 0207 589 1070, manicures start at

Richard Ward Hair and Metrospa, 82 Duke of York Square, SW3 4LY, 0207 730 1222.
Manicures start at £65

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  1. Love this post I'm a big fan off gel nails and I'm completeley hooked on bio gel I love how fast my nails grow and how much stronger they are I moved to kingston recentley and have come across a lovely salon called aroma secrets part of the bentalls center and best of all I can just walk in


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