Friday, 13 July 2012

Sonic Youth

Ages ago I reviewed the Clarisonic (click here to read the original review), which I didn't rate particularly highly. However, I decided to keep using it, as the reviews I had read online were so fantastic. And I now have to admit that I am really enjoying it, and can see a difference in my skin. I think it takes a few weeks for your skin to fully adjust, and mine definitely got worse before it got better. I found, in the first week or so, my skin got a bit dry and patchy, and broke out more. Not massive spots, just red, sore areas around my nose. 

A couple of months down the line I am a total convert though. My skin is much clearer and even in texture and tone. I find that products seem to be more effective, masks actually do what they say they are going to do, and my serums, creams and oils sink in and don't leave a greasy residue on my skin in the morning. My fine lines definitely look less prominent, but that could be from pregnancy weight (eeek!). I have been using it with different types of products, from creamy cleansers, to foaming face washes, and it is great with all of them. 

On the sonic theme, I also wanted to talk about some other electrical products that I have tried recently. First up is my toothbrush, the Sonicare by Philips, which is the best electric toothbrush I have ever used. It feel much more powerful than other brands, but strangely less aggressive. It has made my teeth cleaner and sparklier since I started using it. It also holds its charge really well, so you can take it on holiday for a week and it should last the course, without running out, which is handy. There are all sorts of fancy models, including this rather glam one below, which charges in a glass. I have scoured the internet for the cheapest one, which I've put a link to below. 

From the same camp as the Sonicare, I also invested in their Airfloss, which is a strange contraption, that shoots water or mouthwash between your teeth to clean them, in the same way toothfloss does. I like flossing, but find it a bit of a bore and forget, so it is more of a twice weekly activity for me, rather than a daily one, as it should be. The Airfloss makes flossing quicker and easier than using traditional techniques, as you just press a button and move it between each tooth, pressing each time. The concept is brilliant, but there are two massive flaws. One, is that it is very aggressive. If you miss aim and get your tongue or your actual gum, it is pretty sore and I found it made my gums bleed if I misaimed. Secondly, if your teeth are very close together, I'm not sure it would work. Mr. G has this problem, and gave up on his after a week. Whether this is based on ineffectiveness or laziness on his part, I cannot be sure, but I can hazard a guess. Also, do read the reviews on Amazon before you think about buying this, as it seems that it breaks quite easily, so make sure you keep the receipts if you invest.

Clarisonic Mia, £120 online and from Space Nk, House of Fraser and other beauty departments.

Sonicare Toothbrush, from £25 for the basic model to £124.99 for the one shown above. Available online (it is much cheaper online) and from Boots stores nationwide. Replacement heads are cheapest on eBay and Amazon.

Philips Airfloss, from £70.93. Cheapest online, but also available in Boots stores nationwide.

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  1. I'm dying to get a clarisonic, may treat myself once the baby arrives and the skin looks crappy again! Xxx


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