Monday, 10 September 2012

The Chelsea Day Spa

Facials have always been pretty hit and miss for me. Occasionally I find a really good one that suits my skin, but generally there are two outcomes for me, absolutely nothing or a lot of spots. Therefore, I tend to steer clear. But, last week I had a facial breakthrough (rather than a breakout) at The Chelsea Day Spa.

The HydroPeptide facial uses all sorts of scientific sounding ingredients (19 peptides and anti oxidants) to make your skin clearer, plumped and even. Perfect after pregnancy, it repairs damage caused by hormones and makes you look better. After a deep cleanse and scrub, your skin is treated to an amazing massage, to work the peptide cream into your skin. The results are immediate, my skin glowed with health and I looked more awake and plumped than I have since I was about 17. As the afternoon progressed my skin looked better and better. Next morning, the big test, as my skin normally takes about 12 hours to react negatively to products and treatments, my skin was clearer than it has been for months and still glowing.

The Chelsea Day Spa, branches on Hollywood Road and Kings Road. The HydroPeptide facial starts at £65 for a mini facial (30 minutes).

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