Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Yum yum...

It was my daughter's second birthday last week, and I committed a bit of a cardinal sin. Not only did I not throw a party for her, I also managed to convince her that her friend's birthday party (which we attended a few days after her birthday) was actually hers. Yes, I should be nominated for worst mum of the year. But with a newborn, it all seemed a bit too much effort. And, there was always a chance of a total meltdown after too much sugar consumption (Fifi or me, not sure which was more likely). 

Anyway, to repent for my parenting sins, I have thrown myself in to organising a Christening party for Arthur (oh god, now it sounds like he's my favourite....). To try and make life a little easier, I've recruited the services of my favourite catering company, Porgies. Run by the divine Georgia, Porgies caters for all kinds of parties, from children's tea parties to fancy adult affairs, with inspiring presentation and a focus on wholesome, nutritious food. 

Porgies has just relaunched their website, which is adorable, and really captures the essence of the company; fun and friendly. I cannot recommend them highly enough, as an affordable and stress free way to host a party.

Porgies, check out the fantastic new website by clicking the link, or email info@porgies.co.uk

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  1. Don't forget victoriadefty.co.uk for a stunning cake!


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