Monday, 26 November 2012

Evans and Peel

Sorry for the rather long, quiet spell on the blog front, I've had a hectically busy week or two, and been a little lazy on the writing front. One of my excuses is that we had Arthur's christening this weekend, which I will blog about once the hangover subsides, am were thrilled to welcome some very close friends from the USA to stay. On Saturday night we decided to paint the town red and take them to an amazing new bar.

Evans and Peel is a twenties, Prohibition themed bar, disguised as a detective agency. In true speakeasy fashion, the outside is barely noticeable from the hubbub of Earls Court and Old Brompton Road, with a simple door marked 'Evans and Peel Detective Agency'. Once you have been buzzed in, you are taken down to a tiny room, with Mad-Men style decor and a Don Draper type tucked behind an old typewriter. You are asked to discuss your case, so we suggested our American drinking partners may be up to mischief of a certain nature.....

I don't want to ruin the surprise, but suffice to say, the 'detective was brilliant, the banter screamingly funny, and when we were allowed into the bar, the final flourish was inspired. We arrived in the bar, which has been styled amazingly, with furniture individually sourced, think theatre seats from France and tables made from Singer sewing machine stands.

The cocktails are second to none. The 'G-Minus' was genius, subtly infused with a whisper of heady lavender. The water is served in crystal decanters, beer bottles in paper bags, beer on tap from a vintage radiator and cocktails in teacups, all helping to conjure up an exciting and mischievous atmosphere. Food can be ordered by the platter and is divine. Our chocolate brownie was exquisite.

I adore this place, it really was a fantastic night out. Perfect for a surprise party or a very romantic date night. Just make sure you book in advance...

Evans and Peel, 310c Earls Court Road, SW5. Online bookings are preferred.

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