Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Arthur's Christening

Sunday was the day of Arthur's christening, and having spent the last 12 months declining invitations to party/drink/socialise/have fun, I decided to go all out and throw a slightly OTT party. The only themes I had in mind were blue and Arthur, so everything seems to fall into one of those categories. Who knew you could get stickers especially designed to go on the bottom of Hersey's chocolates?  

Anyway, with the help of some amazing people (especially the girls at Porgies, Victoria Defty Couture Cakes, the wonderful people at All Saints Church and Mr. G for never moaning when parcels of pompoms and bunting arrived at 6am), we had a wonderful day. I thought I'd share some of the bit and pieces of the day. The high spot for most people seemed to be the 'Smartie Express', Fifi's Brio train that chugged around the dessert table full of Smarties. Some of Fifi's friends were very excited by it!

From top, left to right: Iced Biscuits, from The Cookie Collaboration, Chocolates from Herseys, stickers homemade.
Carrot cake, by Porgies, Cake pops by Victoria Defty Couture Cakes, Macarons by Macarons and More, the Smartie Express by Brio, using cow trucks as Smartie holders (and yes, it did go round and round!)
Top row: We drank champagne and soft drinks from Luscombe
Bottom right: Mr. G made all of  the late night revellers a little 'hair of the dog' gift for getting up so early on a hangover
Lots of finger food for hungry children, including some amazing animal sandwiches, by Porgies

Everyone took an Arthur Tea Towel home as a goodie bag! Tea Towels from Wedding Tea Towels

I'm wearing a dress from Alexander McQueen, boots by Christian Louboutin, hair by Rosie at Soma Salon and makeup courtesy of a Lisa Eldridge video (Flawless and Chic makeup look). Mr G (far left) is in a suit by Spencer Hart. Fifi is in Marie Chantal, and yes, Arthur is in a dress. The godparents have been acquired along the way, but are priceless and perfect.

p.s Thank you Mama H for the clean up effort at 6am the next morning, and, more importantly, the lie in. xxx

The Cookie Collaboration, iced biscuits from £1.20 each

Porgie's Catering, check out website for details or call 07947 796967

Victoria Defty Couture Cakes, cake pops from £2 each. Check out website or call 0778 530 3368

Macarons and More, from £17 for a box of 12, check out their website for more details.

Luscombe Drinks, £1.54 from Goodness Direct

Soma Salon, 305 Fulham Road, SW10 9QH. Call 020 7352 8490 for more details

Lisa Eldridge video, click here to view

Photo credits: Emma Palmer, Chris Cashman, Andrea and James Street, Olivia Dickinson and Anita Harris

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