Sunday, 26 February 2012

Welcome to my blog!

Hello! Thank you for taking the time to read my first blog. This weekend my husband has been away with some friends on a 'boys weekend' (his first since we had a baby, I've done 2 already, so I felt he deserved it...), so I decided to go shopping, obviously! As I am 4 months pregnant, in the stage of just looking like I ate way too much pasta, rather than obviously pregnant, I decided to skip on the clothes shopping and hit the make up counters instead. Make up always fits!

I'd seen a lot of press for the Spring 2012 Chanel collection, and as the sun has been shining all weekend, I felt in the mood for a splurge on something summery. I decided on all three nail polishes, April, May and June (I love a quirky nail, and Chanel rarely disappoint), the Blush de Horizon (very pretty) and the Hydramax + Active Nutrition for lips (a posh lip balm).

I painted my finger nails straight away with May, a dusky bubblegum pink, and my toes with April, a mid-dark red. To be honest, I found them both a little dull, definitely not worth the hype. They go on beautifully, like all Chanel polishes, and last pretty well (a couple of days for me), but they don't shout 'look at my amazing new Chanel fingernails' like Particuliere, Mimosa or Jade did. So, if you are looking for a more classic shade, these two would do the job. I am yet to try June, but this looks like the most exciting of the trio, a satsuma shade, which makes me smile just looking at the bottle....

The blusher however was much more exciting. I am a very loyal fan of Nars Orgasm, and rarely deviate, liking a pinky glow with peach undertones. The Chanel beauty was very, very pink, think china doll with pink cheeks sort of pink. Well, that is if you go in a bit heavy handed. When applied with a light hand, it gives a gorgeous pink glow, that is really youthful and fresh. It does have some shimmer to it, which I personally like, but may be a bit much for some. I don't think I would switch permanently to it from my Nars favourite, and for it's hefty price tag, it is one to think twice about, but it is certainly a fun way to start the day!

Finally, the lip balm. To be fair, it is not marketed as a lip balm, but as lip care. I have really dry lips, that flake a lot and get super sore in the winter. I have tried pretty much every lip balm going, from the ultra high end products to the cheapies, and my two favorites are Eve Lom kiss mix (partly for the name!) and Lanolips, which is fab, the best their is in my opinion. This Chanel one is just not heavy enough for me at all. It softens my lips, but after about 15 minutes, I need to reapply, which is too much effort throughout the day. I can see that it would be great if you suffer from mild dryness, but for my Saharan lips, it's just not punchy enough.

Hope you had a good weekend! 

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