Monday, 27 February 2012

I've Got Amazing Jeans....

Sorry if this post is a bit boring for all of the non-preggo people out there, but I felt compelled to share my recent discovery of the best maternity jeans ever.

I hold my hands up and freely admit I am a jeans snob. I love love love J Brand jeans and rarely even consider any others. My reasons for this love affair are two fold. Firstly, my pet hate is jeans that go baggy and loose after a few hours of wearing them. They end up looking dreadful and sagging around all my bad bits (hips and bottom to name a few!). J Brand are made from stiff, heavier denim than lots of jeans and just don’t sag or stretch out of shape too much. Secondly, they have a high rise than most jeans, which prevent the dreaded muffin top and are way more comfy for me (and lets be honest, who wants to see my bottom cleavage at playgroup, baby gym etc??). High street jeans rarely deliver on either of these fronts. Gap do a good job, but unless I buy them skintight to begin with, they end up too big after a wear or two, but if I buy them too small, they somehow remain too small forever.

So, I have been on a maternity jeans shopping mission for the last few weeks. In my first pregnancy I tended to wear dresses, as I was heavily pregnant over the spring and summer, and found dresses more comfy, thus I don’t own any good pairs. This time round, I spend most of my day on the floor, picking up toys or playing with Fifi, so jeans have become a staple of my life, hence my need for maternity ones.

My good friend Emma visited from New York last week, and bought me some J Brand Mama J jeans from a great shop called A Pea in the Pod, which were comfy, but pretty expensive and not breath taking. I did an online shop and tried all manner of brands, from citizens of Humanity, through to Paige and Seven for All Mankind, but found that I simply could not justify the best part of £200 on a short term pair of jeans that weren’t very exciting, flattering or comfy.

Feeling very unhappy, I decided to hit the high street, and found some fab versions in Topshop for between £30 and £34. In particular, the Leigh Super Soft Skinnies are amazing, so soft and comfortable, but they don’t seem to lose their shape. I bought them in a size down from my regular size, as they have a lots of stretch in them, and adore them. I also bought a pair of Baxter skinny jeans, which are stiffer denim, but great for wearing shorter tops (the super skinnies are very snug around the derriere area!).

Excuse the unironed jumper in the picture, but this is the black pair of Leigh Super Soft Skinnies, with a Topshop maternity jumper
Topshop do the best maternity clothing, if you fancy something marginally hip, but without a crazy price tag. They have lots of great knitwear at the moment, as well as sweet tea dresses, which are very hard to find normally (Asos do some good ones as well). 


  1. you look fabulous! and I love having another way to keep up with your precious and growing family! I hope all is well and would love to catch up! Sending love from Texas...

  2. Hi Alex

    I read about your blog in the H&F Chronicle and thought I would check it out! I completely agree about the Leigh jeans, I am 23 weeks pregnant with my first baby and have been living in mine! I nearly bought 2 pairs at once but thought I would wait in case I out grew them but will definitely be getting another pair : ) I'm also a local West London blogger, if you get chance do have a look at my blog!

    Will be keeping an eye on your posts, your blog looks great!


  3. Oh wow those are very beautiful .Your excitement is clearly justified! I want to tell youtrue religion shorts is my favorite and hope you can come in and see.


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