Thursday, 1 March 2012

5 Beauty Products I Can't Live Without....

Today I wanted to share some of my favourite beauty products. I’ve tried to focus on lesser known or odd stuff that I swear by (excluding the bath oil, which is a beauty editor favourite, but I love it so much that I couldn’t not recommend it). I’m going to follow this preliminary list later today with a second instalment, as I just can’t limit myself to 5 (I haven’t even touched on hair products or make up). Enjoy!

Aromatherapy Associates bath oil, any and all are sensational, but Deep Relax is just the bee’s knees when you are tired or stressed, and guarantees a good night sleep (providing the baby cooperates!). Their products are all delicious and really effective. Perfect Mother's Day gifts for your lovely mum or wife (hint, hint).

Eve Lom Rescue Mask has got me out more than one skin crisis in my time. It soothes and calms irritated and inflamed skin, helps reduce redness and spots (without drying), andis generally a hero product for my sensitive skin.
      Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel is the only foaming facewash that doesn’t leave my skin tight, but does get it squeaky clean. I love it, and when I stop using it for any reason, I instantly break out. Top secret, but my husband also uses it and thinks it’s ‘alright I suppose’, which is Chris talk for it’s pretty good but please don’t tell anyone I use anything girly….ooops.

            Lanolips Ointment lipbalm. I have mentioned in previous posts that I get very dry lips and this product is the business. Ir’s not that cheap for a lipbalm, and it doesn’t last me all that long (I reapply a lot!), and I have a cheaper but less glamorous alternative, which is Lansinoh, a massive tube of pure lanolin designed for cracked nipples when you breast feed. It isn’t quite as good in consistency as the Lanolips, as it’s quite hard to squeeze out of the tube on a cold day, but does the job, and costs a few pounds less for 4 times the product.

      Sudocrem, the cream of the gods. It’s amazing. End of story. Well, not quite, as I should probably clarify its uses other than soothing nappy rash on little ones (it is the absolute best at this FYI, I am yet to find anything that clears up a baboon style bottom so quickly). For me it gets rid of spots and blemishes, without leaving them all dry and flaky. It just sort of makes them go, seriously, give it a try. It also soothes sunburn, windburn (from skiing or motorbiking, yes peeps, my husband and I like to think we are cool, the evidence would suggest otherwise), crazy reactions to too much makeup, heat rash, it helps cuts and grazes heal quickly, oh gosh, I could go on, but I sense you are getting my point. It is not a moistruiser, but a soothing cream that heals super fast and efficiently.

      Second instalment coming soon….

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