Friday, 2 March 2012

Five more beauty must-haves

So, to continue my previous post, I wanted to share a few more beauty staples.

First up is Philip Kingsley Elasticizer Extreme, which is a pre-shampoo hair treatment. Is add softness and moisture to my parched hair, but doesn’t leave it limp or make it greasy in any way. If you hair is not too dry, but just needs an injection of shine and suppleness, there is a standard version, rather than the Extreme, so give that a go.

Nars blusher in Orgasm is a very wearable pink, with peachy undertones and a gentle shimmer, to make your face look suitably flushed, but not too rosy or overly pink. I’m yet to find a powder blusher that compares to the look it gives. I love cream blushers as they give a similar effect to this product, fresh warmth, but I find they wear off very quickly which is just no good. I team powder blusher with a liquid highlighter (I like Benefit Moonbeam for an ethereal shimmer) to give it that dewiness that powder blushers rarely achieve.

Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant is a crazy powder, almost like caster sugar, that you mix with water to make a creamy paste and then massage into your face and then rinse, to reveal gorgeously exfoliated skin. It’s not scratchy, as it uses rice based enzymes, rather than abrasive lumpy bits to reveal glowing skin. It’s not harsh (unless you rub it in for five minutes, rather than the advised one as I once did, trying to recreate microdermadrasion. It didn’t work, and just left my skin a bit too sore!) and has made a huge difference to the texture of my skin.

Kerastase Ciment Thermique is a leave in thermal protector for your hair, which is thermally activated and actually strengthens your hair with prolonged use. I use it every time I am planning to attack my hair with a hair dryer or straighteners, and feel that it has helped prevent breakage. I also find it helps my hair retain a style for longer that without it, but ithout that crispiness that you get from too many products.

Parlux Hairdryer 3200, the best hairdryer I have ever used, and the one every hairdresser worth their weight seems to use. It is mega powerful, much more so than anything you can buy in Boots, and thus costs a little more than standard hairdryers, but cuts drying down and gives your hair so much more shine and smoothness after a blowdry than anything else. It’s small and light, so can fit in a suitcase, and has made my rather useless attempts at blowdrying my hair so much better. If you struggle with styling your hair, I can’t recommend it highly enough!

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  1. I definitely blushed a bit myself when making my NARS purchase yesterday..."Which colour are you after?" "ORGASM!!" But seriously worth it, it is exactly as you describe and very pleased!! Will continue to work my way through this very handy list!


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