Saturday, 10 March 2012

Good Foundations

A good foundation is the most important thing when you are building a house, and the same is true with your make up. If the colour isn’t right, or the texture too heavy or light you’ll look and feel dreadful, which totally defeats the point of wearing make up. I spent most of my teenage years caked in the wrong colour foundation (very often borrowed from my mum, as I wasn’t allowed to wear it until I was old enough to pay for it….). I have since learned the importance of a good base in hiding a multitude of imperfections and adding a youthful glow to tired, prematurely ageing (that would be me!), or just rubbish looking skin.

I thought I’d share my favourites, and some other tips I’ve picked up along the way which work for me. I have several foundations for different circumstances. I know that sounds crazy, but it works for me. My absolute favourite brand is Laura Mercier, who makes products that look and feel amazing, and really last. My favourite everyday (aka no spots or weird dryness) product is her Tinted Moisturiser, which sinks in and gives enough coverage for smooth, glowy skin, without the cakiness of normal foundation. I’ve just started using the Luminious version (she also does an oil free version) and am finding it brilliant for adding glow. For days when this just isn’t enough, I like her Silk Crème foundation, which gives that extra bit of coverage, but a dewy finish that blends really well and makes your skin feel really moisturised but not at all greasy.

I also highly rate Chantecaille Future skin foundation, which is gel based, and is great when my skin is a bit oily, as it doesn’t add to the problem and feels light but with good coverage. For compact foundations I love Mac Mineralize, as it smoothes on quickly and easily and gives a good glow, that is hard to get from compacts. YSL make a great brush on foundation (with a built in brush), called Perfect Touch that is really convenient for days when you are short of time. I tend to keep this in my bag to top up my foundation through the day, and it gives really ‘glowy’ finish.

I always use a primer, if I have time, as I find they help to keep your makeup in place for longer and give a better finish. I love the Laura Mercier one, but also rate Chanel Blanc Universal and Benefit Dr. Feelgood, for days when my skin is a bit patchy. I only use powder on really bad skin days, as I find it a bit too heavy, but mineral powders are definitely the best. Again, I like Laura Mercier Mineral Loose Powder, and as I rarely use it, it lasts me absolutely ages.

My super tip, that makes the world of difference to my skin, is a product by Mac called Fix+. It is basically a water based spray (so I’m sure you could use other, cheaper products) that you spirtz on your face from afar and then quickly blast with a hairdryer, and it gives your face a really good finish, and helps everything stay put. I apply it after foundation, concealer, blusher and all other base products, but before eye shadow or liners, and really love it. It makes my skin look like I’m not wearing make up, in good way, if you know what I mean?! If you are unconvinced, you can get an Evian aerosol in Boots for a few pounds, so maybe give that a try?

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