Thursday, 8 March 2012

The First Supper

I thought I’d write a short late afternoon blog, as I am very excited about something and wanted to share the idea! Tonight I am going to a Supper Club, which a friend of mine has started. It’s a bit of a new idea to me, I’d heard about them, but had never even considered getting involved until now. However, its such a great concept. A group of girls (or guys, or both, whatever works) get together on a designated day each month and go to a restaurant that someone in the group has chosen. I don’t know about other supper clubs, but this one is very informal and anyone can be invited, and if you can’t make it one month, it’s not an issue.
For a stay at home mum, it seems like such a fab idea. Getting out with friends can be hard, especially as I tend to be exhausted by 10pm most nights, but having a fixed date in the diary to socialise with old and new friends is the perfect excuse to get dressed up a little (try out some sparkly eye shadow for example) and be ‘me’ for a few hours, rather than ‘mummy’!
So, that’s my plan for tonight. My husband is looking forward to watching a couple hours of unadulterated sport without his wife insisting that ‘One Born Every Minute’ is cathartic and must be watched. 

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