Thursday, 8 March 2012

A is for Apps

We have been using the iPad a lot this week, as it entertains our little one on car journeys like nothing else! We bought a cheap ahrness to strap it on to the back of the passenger seat, so its like a tv, but she can reach it as well. In between Peppa Pig episodes (not so good in the car, as they only last a few minutes, so involve having to turn round and skip on to the next episode a lot!), we have been encouraging her to play some educational apps, so we don’t feel like bad parents. We have struggled to find the good ones, which are right for a child under 2, as most are a bit advanced. I therefore thought I’d share my top 5 apps for big babies and toddlers, which gave us two peaceful journeys!

Sound Touch (by Sound Touch) – pictures of animals, which go to a photo and an animal noise when touched. You have never heard a little girl make such a good donkey impression as my daughter! This was amazing when Fifi was smaller, but she is starting to outgrow it, but it has certainly been worth the 99p it cost as she has played on it a lot!
Peekaboo and Happy Babies by Ladybird – simple pictures of babies and animals, encouraging your little one to find or wave to the different animals and people, with a spoken sound track explaining what the animals are and what they are doing. She is playing this app in the picture above. This definitely helped Fifi learn to wave and she said baby as a very early word (useful given the imminent arrival!)
Itsy Bitsy Spider and The Wheels on the Bus (by Duck Duck Moose) – activites to well known songsfor example, encouraging Itsy to climb the water spout, making the wipers on bus go from side to side etc, with a sound track that comes in several languages and types of singing. You can also record yourself singing, but I personally could not inflict that on my daughter, no matter how naughty she had been!
Seek & Find (by Wonderkind) – sweet pictures of different scenes (such as the zoo, a town, the park) where lots of different things happen if your child touches different parts of the picture. These are really good for playing ‘where’s the x’, and getting them to concentrate on quite intricate pictures.
Sparkabilities (by Bottlerocket) – an app for teaching shapes, noises and movements. There are different apps for different ages and stages, so as soon as they get bored of one app, you can move up a stage (there is also a pretty blonde who does commentary on the app, so enjoys it as much as my daughter!).
I would love to hear any other good apps for toddlers, so if you know of any amazing ones, please share in the comment box!
P.S Make up posts will return tomorrow!

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