Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Luscious Lashes

Given the name of my blog, I felt a duty this week to try something eyelash orientated. Mascara seemed a bit dull, so I decided on eyelash extensions. I've had them once before, but couldn't remember much about them, except they took forever to apply. Being a busy mum, I wanted someone local and quick to make me look a little more glamorous than normal.

I was lucky enough to find Hannah at Love Lash, who work from in her home in Fulham, and applies lash extensions to a huge range of clients, from fashionistas to mums, and everyone in between. She also teaches how to apply them if you are so inclined, so obviously knows her stuff!

After removing the last vestiges of my eye make up (embarrassingly from the day before!), she carefully protected my lower lashes, while I reclined, with my eyes shut, trying hard not to fall asleep! The whole treatment took about an hour, although it was not helped by my constant twitching, so if you are a still type, I'm sure it would be a bit quicker.

The results were brilliant. Although I secretly wanted to come out with uber-long lashes, I knew that wouldn't work for everyday. I once wore a pair of false lashes that were feathers, very long, bushy feathers, which I thought were the height of cool, but people kept staring at me like I was half bird, half human. Rather than a wacky finish, this time around, my lashes were beautifully long and elegant, making my eyes look bigger, without being too crazy. My friend Rachel (who was sweetly babysitting for me at the time) was very complimentary (but she's far too nice to be anything but!). My husband, upon being asked if he noticed anything different, told me my eyebrows looked much thicker than normal....not quite sure what to read in to that.

Another great thing about lash extensions is that you don't need to wear mascara, so it saves a bit of time in the morning, and definitely means that I look marginally better at 6.30am when I first get up. They last for about 3 weeks, until you need them topped up, so it is a bit of an investment in the time stakes, but the top up only takes about 20 minutes. I'd definitely recommend you give them a try if you fancy a treat and cannot recommend Hannah highly enough. Check out her website here. She charges £60 for a full set of lashes.

Finally, I had my first column published in the Fulham Chronicle yesterday, if you fancy another instalment of Lashes & Little Ones!

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