Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Sleeping Beauty in a Bottle

I have developed a little crush on something. For once it is does not have red soles, but comes in a little blue-ish, glassbottle, and is so much better than any vertiginous shoes. The object of my affections is Neal’s Yard Beauty Sleep Concentrate, and oh my gosh it does what it says on the tin (or bottle). No, I didn’t wake up looking like Giselle, but equally I didn’t have to say good morning to Quasimodo while brushing my teeth this morning.  For once, my skin looked bright and fresh with far fewer fine lines, rather than dull and puffy. It had a glow to it (the sort of glow I keep people say pregnant people get, but has passed me by without a look in), and looked healthy and rested. Very unusual, and slightly suspect. Ordinarily I would assume it was packed with chemicals and probably causing premature ageing or something nasty while giving me a short term boost. But no, this product is all natural and full of nice things (like Chinese Sacred Lily, how amazing does that sound? Definitely better than Polyethylene Glycol).

Unlike my perception of some natural products, this one is based on very sensible science, and lots of research. It uses bio-active tri-peptides to help boost collagen production while you sleep (which is when your skin repairs), so you wake up looking amazing. What more can you ask for? Well, something that smells nice? Tick! This product smells gorgeous, very fresh and lightly citrusy (that’ll be the orange oil). And how about being easy on your budget? Tick! It is not quite give away, but at £30, it lasts for ages as you only need one pump to cover key face areas (I avoid my nose which doesn’t need extra moisture), and is certainly cheaper than Guerlain’s Midnight Secret, which was my go-to overnight product but cost £65.

I cannot think of a better present for a mum-to be than beauty sleep in a bottle. This is one product that absolutely lives up to its name!

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