Thursday, 15 March 2012

Get your Phil

Sorry for the early post today, someone decided that 6.30am was a great time to start screaming (not Mr. G, but Little Miss). Luckily for me it wasn’t my turn to do breakfast, so I rolled over and tried to go back to sleep. However, today is my 20 week scan, and we are hoping to find out the sex of the new baby, and so I was far too excited to lull off…..very unlike me! So, I decided to get up and write about something that makes me smile….

I watch a lot of ‘In the Night Garden’ and other mind numbing children’s television, that Fifi adores. I try and limit the amount she watches, but I can’t lie, TV watching correlates with how tired I’m feeling. So, the last few months have meant rather more than I used to allow. It is not helped by my husband, who is a massive fan of ‘Justin’s House’ and ‘Big and Small’ (if you don’t know what these are, lucky you), and seriously hates to miss an episode. I think it sums up his mental age, he thinks I’m missing the subtle irony…..hmmm.

Anyway, as soon as Little Miss Early Waker is tucked up, I like nothing more than to indulge in an episode or two of the best programme in the world, Modern Family. I was pretty late to this band wagon, despite lots of friends telling how amazing it is. But I am now a fully fledged member of the ‘I love Phil Dunphy’ club (a weird crush I’ll admit, but he’s just so funny).  As is Barack Obama. Well, he doesn’t (openly) love Phil, but he does love Modern Family.

Modern Family is a ‘mock-umentary’ style comedy show based on three connected families, and is almost too funny to describe. So, I’m not going to ruin it, but I am going to insist you watch it if you can. I promise you will love it! I think the best bit is seeing parallels of yourself and your family in it. I obviously think I’m just like Gloria, my husband thinks we are identical to Cam and Mitchell, and deep down I know he’s right. So, I’m not going to ruin it, but I am going to insist you watch it if you can. I promise you will love it!

Right, check back later or tomorrow (depending on how much shopping Mr G will allow post scan for baby stuff…) for a post on an amazing new lipgloss….

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