Thursday, 12 April 2012

Blue Jean Baby

I have just come home from a shopping trip to Boots with a huge smile on my face. I indulged in some Chanel jeans that don't involve an elastic waist, and unlike all my old favourites, will always fit. These jeans are not of the trouser variety, but their re-released Le Jeans De Chanel nail varnishes. And I am soooo excited to have them.

They were originally released in September 2011 for the New York Fashion Night Out, but were ridiculously hard to get hold of, trust me I tried. However, on today's nappy buying session, I was browsing at the Chanel counter (as you do), and the sales assistant (who must recognise me by now) asked if I needed any help. As a very un-interactive shopper, my very British response, was 'no, I'm just browsing thanks', to which she subtly pointed to a display behind the main display (hidden from the world), where three gorgeously blue nail varnishes were waving at me, calling me over.

So, I prudently (!) decided to purchase them, instead of the nappies (only joking, that would be cruel) and thought I'd share them. The shades are called Blue Rebel (553), Blue Boy (555) and Coco Blue (551). Blue rebel is a deep, intense dark blue, but very blue, rather than navy or black-blue. Blue Boy is a mid-blue with a dusky, almost grey hint to it, almost a Wedgwood blue, but a touch darker. Coco Blue has the best name and is a summery, fresh sky blue shade with a subtle shimmer, that would look great on your toes or with a tan. My favourite is Blue Rebel, but mainly because its a windy, wet day, and the Coco Blue needs sunshine to pull off (at least it does when you are a pregnant mother, and not cool enough to pull of bright blue fingernails).The finish of all three is glossy and deep in pigment.

I am the first to admit I have an unhealthy addiction to nail varnish, especially Chanel, but I really think these shades are great. For me, they bridge the gap between wacky and boring!

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  1. Oh i love the coco blue! xxx


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