Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Lovely Lanolips

My favourite lipbalm brand, Lanolips have recently released a couple of new products. I was lucky enough to give them a try this weekend, and have to say, they are just as wonderful as their lipbalm! The products in question are a hand cream and an intensive hand balm, which is amazing for dry cuticles and feet.

They are both scented lightly with rose, which is a personal favourite scent, but not overpowering, so if you are not a floral fan, don't despair. They sink in, and are not the slightest bit greasy, but leave a soft residue on your hands, which keep them feeling soft and supple for hours.

All of Lanolips products are sold at Boots, and cost between £10 and £12, so affordable. They really are worth every penny, and deliver much better better results than any of the higher priced products I have tried.

Sorry for the short blog today, having kitchen drama's today, vitriolic blog to follow.....! x

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