Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Good Scents

We are currently in the throws of having our old kitchen replaced (we had a leak which we ignored and loads of the cupboards got rotten, so here's a good tip, don't ignore leaking water, it's not clever!), and while I am eating off paper plates and using plastic cups, I've been trying to stay positive by envisaging the finish article. Being the deeply fickle creature that I am, I am not hugely interested in whether the drawers are made with walnut or oak (I have no idea, could be play-doh for all I know), I have been thinking about how to make it look a bit prettier. So cue overpriced tea towels (Antropologie and Colgne and Cotton sell amazing ones, but it is a bit hard to justify spending £10 on a cotton rag....I bought one, which has strict instructions not be used, husband is very confused).

Having lived with a weird, damp smell (rotting cupboards) for nearly a year, I wanted to make the whole house smell good as well. So, rather than buying expensive candles (like I would ever do that) which take effort and matches (two things I am always lacking in), I thought about trying a scent diffuser. I had seen these in friend's homes and always thought they looked fancy, but never quite got round to investing, as I have two cats, who would like nothing more than to knock one over. However, I received an email last week from Jo Malone announcing the launch of their scent diffusers, in one of my old favourite scents, Lime Basil and Mandarin. I also noticed that Abahna (the wonderful British brand) sell them, and were having a 30% off sale last week (they normally cost £36). So, in the name of research, I bought a Jo Malone one and a Abahna Lilac Rose and Geranium one, to compare.

First thoughts, are that they both look beautiful. Definitely a step up from the Air Wick plug ins that I used to buy (they just smell bad and make me sneeze). The Jo Malone one is quite chunky (cat proof I hope) and makes a statement in its own right (it costs £45, so not a bargain by anyone's standards). The Abahna is a bit more delicate and pretty, but very easy on the eye too. The both smell delicious, but that was a given as I know both scents well. My test of a good candle or room spray (and now scent diffuser) is how long the smell lasts for and its strength. The more likely my husband is to moan about that funny smell, the better in my book (although how anyone can confuse Red Roses with 'has Fifi done a poo' is beyond me).

Both of these beauties give out a fair whack of smelliness, enough to warrant a scrumpled sniff from moaning husband. The Lime Basil is very clean and fresh, making the house smell perfectly spring like and clean (always good in my home, which houses 2 cats, 1 toddler, said husband and me). Jo Malone advised to use 7 of the 10 sticks, and replace some after a month or two, to get the best lifespan out of the product, so that's what I am trying. The Lilac Rose is softer and more feminine, so living in our bedroom. I smell it every morning when I wake up, and it makes me smile! The bottle has a vintage feel to it, so looks great in a bedroom.

I love the concept of scent diffusers, and now am finding them everywhere. My local Waitrose stocks a really good range of Wax Lyrical ones, which all smell delicious (from my quick assessment yesterday), and are around the £10 mark. They claim to last for a couple of months, so the maths isn't too bad (not much more than buying a plug in, and marginally more stylish). I love them, and actually think they make a bit more sense than candles with toddlers in the house. I'll leave that up to you (and my cats) to determine.

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  1. Oooh will have to give these a go, my other half is always complaining about lingering cooking smells


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