Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Massage Me

This week I have been lucky enough to be treated to a delicious pregnancy massage at the Fulham branch of Gina Conway, an Aveda hair and beauty salon in Fulham. I have been suffering with a really bad lower back during this pregnancy, and no amount of pregnancy yoga seems to be helping (and I cannot tell you how inelegant I feel trying to touch my toes while looking in a mirror, my bottom looks larger than ever...).

So, I went to see Mary, a 'guru' at Gina Conway's Serenity Spa, who promised to relax my aching muscles and soothe my stressed mind (I think that might be asking a little much, unless she has a live-in nanny up her sleeve). The spa is tiny, but bedecked in candles and delicious smelling oils, so very soothing and calming. They use Aveda products, of which I am a fan, especially during pregnancy as they are very natural but seems to deliver on results (their Damage Remedy conditioner is wonderful on dry hair). After soaking my ever increasing feet, I was led to a bed, carefully stacked with special pregnancy pillows which helped to relieve pressure on my back and make my bump feel weightless. I was then indulged in an hour of soothing massage, focusing on my tense areas. The layout of the cushions made me feel incredibly comfortable, which can be difficult to achieve when pregnant, and Mary worked wonders on my sore back.

I've never been a huge believer in the benefits of massage, seeing more of an indulgence rather than a beneficial treatment, but I am starting to realise how wrong I was. Firstly, spending a hour or so totally relaxed is ridiculously good for your state of mind. I spend my life worrying about everything from whether my daughter will ever eat broccoli (that hasn't got ketchup on it....don't judge!) to what shade of Farrow and Ball paint I should paint the hallway (fickle I know, but i just can't decide) and everything in between. An hour or thinking about nothing felt wonderful, and made me feel much stronger mentally afterwards, which is something of a feat! Secondly, the two massages I have had in the last two weeks have honestly worked wonders on my tense shoulders and sore lower back. As I mentioned, I have been doing yoga, to help with my posture and core strength, but if anything, I come out feeling stiffer (a reflection on my inability to bend rather than my yoga classes). Massage seems to be the best answer for me at the moment (and much more fun than looking at my large bottom in a mirror).

Gina Conway, 612 Fulham Road, SW6 5RP, 020 7731 7633. Pregnancy massages start from £80

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  1. You should try Hydrotherm Massage during pregnancy. I find you can't quite get your shoulders comfortable during a normal pregnancy massage when lying on your side. With the hydrotherm massage the whole massage is done lying on your back and the warm water relaxes your muscles even before the massage begins. Everyone who has come for a pregnancy massage has kept on coming back! I charge £50 from my home in Balham, and £65 at your home. See my website to see the hydrotherm pads on video - http://www.amandarileytherapies.co.uk


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