Monday, 30 April 2012

Have a Little Patience, Joy or Peace....?

I was lucky enough to receive a wonderful sample last week from a fabulous company called Beatitude. Founded by aromatherapist and mother Rebecca O'Connor, Beatitude make a small range of the most incredible bath oils. I have been a loyal fan of Aromatherapry Associates bath oils for a long time, and have never found anything quite as intensely relaxing as their Deep Relax and Support oils. However, Rebecca was trained by Geraldine Howard of Aromatherapy Associates, and it would appear she was a pretty good student. 

Beatitude have a trio of oils called Peace, Joy and Patience. The Peace bath oil is mind blowingly lovely. It is a blend of Lavender, Petitgrain, Cedarwood, Ylang Ylang and Mandarin, that disperses in the bath (so no oily residue on the edge of the bath) and is soothing and comforting. The mandarin adds a soft citrus note, to balance the heavier floral and woodiness, to carry you away to the best night sleep possible.

Joy is an uplifting oil, with stronger citrus notes of Orange, Mandarin, Grapefruit and Bergamot, which is invigorating and cheery. If I could start every day with a soak in this magic potion, I know I would be much perkier and alert than normal! Described as 'sunshine in a bottle' I have images of walking in the  early morning sunshine through an orange grove when I smell it. 

The final oil, Patience, is warming and hearty, combining Rosemary, Lavender, Ginger and Juniper to warm you up in body and mind. The ingredients sound like a delicious marinade for a leg of lamb, but fear not, the balance of essential oils is just right to soothe your muscles (and mind) after a long day, without the remotest thought of roast lamb!

♥  Beatitude Bath oils are available online by following this link

♥  Bath oils start at £22 for 50ml


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