Sunday, 29 April 2012

Happy Anniversary

I cannot believe it was a whole year ago that Kate and Wills got married. We were on holiday in Antigua (taking advantage of the bank holidays) with a very sick 5 month old, who spent the entire week screaming and vomiting (as she has again this week, it's like an annual week of sickness for Fifi). However, I managed to prise myself from my short sleep to wake up at 4am to watch the build up and wedding, and shed a tear (or several) when she emerged from the car (although, given that I hadn't slept for a week, I would have probably cried if they'd shown a horse having a wee). 

I'd never been a Kate fan. I found her a little dull, and was very uninspired before her wedding. However, when she chose McQueen, she went up in my estimations hugely. I think Sarah Burton is incredible, I'd always coveted her designs, and on the wedding day, I was very proud to be British, if only for our amazing fashion heritage and talented designers (and lace makers, that lace was mind blowingly beautiful).

So, to celebrate Kate's first year of being married, I thought I'd share some of her outfits that I have truly loved. Yes, she plays it too safe sometimes, and I have no idea why she is quite so in love with those nude court shoes and matching tights, but as the most photographed woman in Britain, and probably the world right now, I think she is doing a pretty good job as an ambassador of all things British and beautiful.
At the premiere of African Cats in London in a stunning Matthew Williamson peplum, beaded dress, with Kiki McDonough earrings and a clutch by Emmy Shoes. I could not love this dress (and anything by Mr. Williamson) more. My favourite outfit to date.

An Issa dress, with a diamond maple leaf brooch (borrowed from Queenie,), an Anya Hindmarch clutch and Prada shoes. The colour of this dress makes Kate's tan sing, she looks effortlessly gorgeous, almost holiday chic, but with diamonds for good measure.

For a visit to De Montford University in Leicester, Kate chose an LK Bennett Jude  jacket and Davina dress,  and a very stylish hat by James Lock. She oozes confidence and elegance.

Temperley London floor length lace. Stunning, no other words are needed!

Another McQueen success for the Duchess. I would die for this outfit (and a body like that to put in it). Prada shoes finish the outfit (I know I could never be as elegant as her, as I would have totally gone for gold shoes...just call me Princess Trashy!)

I hate lilac. I banned my relatives from wearing it to my wedding, and have never owned anything lilac in my life. And then I saw this McQueen dress. It is so pretty and elegant, I feel that maybe I was too hasty. A stunning choice that works so well with her dark hair.

Kate chose an Issa tea dress for her Canadian barbeque experience,. I like this because she tends to wear quite structured or hard clothes (which suit her tiny frame), but in this dress she actually looks pretty and soft, which is nice to see.  
An incredible McQueen coat that I want so very much. She looks great, stylish and, as my husband would say, very tasty, but still elegant. The Rachel Trevor-Morgan hat is sleek and chic, unlike the dreadful red version in the background.

This coat is amazing. No, amazing doesn't cover it. Bloody amazing. The ruffled peplum of this McQueen beauty adds curves to her frame, whilst emphasising that teensy waist. And the colour makes her hair look even shinier than normal. Oh, I love it! Philip Treacy's fascinator is an improvement on the one he made for Beatrice a few weeks earlier.

For her first official public engagement Kate went for Jenny Packham. I am biased in this case I think, but Jenny Packham is a genius. I wore her on my wedding day, and have never looked back. I remember watching her arrive at this ARK fundraising dinner and being blown away by how lovely that dress is. Her LK Bennett Agata shoes were promptly ordered online.

All in all, I think she has had a lot of fashion hits in the last 12 months, and worn some brilliant British designers. I was thrilled when she rocked out Roksanda Ilincic in the US. I just hope she continues to champion some of our amazing designers.

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