Saturday, 21 April 2012

She likes Shellac

This week I decided to try something new….get me! In the name of research I thought I’d give Shellac a go. I have a wedding and christening over the next few weeks, so not having to think about getting my nails looking vaguely presentable seemed like a good plan. If you aren’t familiar with Shellac, it is a UV Gel nail polish, that lasts for several weeks (up to 6 on your toes, so I’m told), that dries in seconds and doesn’t smudge or chip.

As time is something that I have little of at the moment, I found a wonderful beauty therapist who was prepared to come to my home and give my nails a good once over! Megan is a trained artist and beauty therapist who does everything nail related, from a basic manicure or pedicure, to sparkly 3D nail art, and everything in between. She was an absolute sweetie to my daughter and crazy cat, who took up residence in her bag and refused to budge all morning. After shaping my nails and doing the cuticles, she applied a base coat, which was set under a UV light. I then had three coats of colour applied to my fingers and toes, each one given a quick blast under the light to set hard. With the final application of top coat and blast of light, the process was finished and all of my nails were totally dry.
CND Shellac in Beau

I went for a coral colour on my toes called Tropix and a simple, pale pink in my fingers called Beau. The finish was very glossy and smooth, with no flaws or bubbles.

CND Shellac in Tropix

So far I haven’t had a single scratch or chip to my nails, which is pretty amazing, seeing as I normally can last about 6 hours after a manicure before it chips. Crawling round in sand pits tend to do that! My only criticism is that the selection of colours by Shellac is quite limited, but Megan also offers Gellish colours, which is a different company offering the same concept as Shellac, but with more interesting colours.

A Shellac manicure in your own home costs £28, and a mini manicure is just £10. For more details call Megan on 07429 120 190.

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