Tuesday, 24 April 2012

The Silver Scream

I didn't realise how much I loved going to the cinema until I had my daughter. An evening spent eating popcorn and pick-a-mix, whilst weeping at an overly sentimental rom-com is my idea of heaven! Although I still make it occasionally, I tend to fall asleep by the end of the first trailer (dark, warm room, a nice shoulder to lean on...zzzzz).

However, I discovered the concept of baby cinema a while ago, and I think it is such a fab idea. Although my daughter is  bit old to qualify for some showings, I can't wait for the little one to arrive and hang out at Break Dawn part 2 with his mummy. You know he'll love it! The concept is really simple, bring your baby to a film in the daytime, and if it screams, that's ok. The sound is turned down a little, and lights up (I'm sure this is to prevent mum's from sleeping!). Obviously, if you are a movie aficionado, this probably isn't for you, but as a mum who catches up on the Kardashians while feeding Cheerios to my toddler, this is right up my street.

The Odeon cinema chain have rolled the idea out nationwide. It's called Newbies and on weekday mornings in most of their cinemas. They are currently showing Salmon Fishing in the Yemen (I'm desperate to see!) in Putney and Wimbledon, where I happen to know, the pick-a-mix selection is extensive.

More local to me is the Baby Cinema, at the very hip Beaufort House in Chelsea. On the first Wednesday of the month, they hold a screening at 10.30, with tea and coffee on tap 9another guise to prevent sleeping mothers), and lunch afterwards. The next screening is on the 2nd May and is The Help. It's £9.90  ticket, but if you factor in the lunch as well, it's not too dreadful, and I happen to know they serve very good cocktails...

Other London based options are the Electric Cinema on Portobello Road, who do the Electric Scream on Monday's, for parents and their children under 1. The Clapham Picture House offer the same concept for under 1's, at their Big Scream Club.

♥  Odeon Newbies. Tickets £8.20, find further details and times here

♥  Baby Cinema at Beaufort House. Tickets £9.90.  Call 020 7352 2828, email info@beauforthousechelsea.com or click here

♥  Electric Cinema, Electric Scream. Tickets from £8. Click here for details

♥  Clapham Picture House, Big Scream Club. Tickets from £7. Click here for more details

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