Friday, 25 May 2012

Beach Essentials

This weekend we are heading off to the beach for the weekend. The sun is shining a lot, and Devon is calling, so we are packing up the car and driving down this afternoon for a weekend of sun, sea and, um, cream tea, yum! I'm very excited, so thought a blog about my beach/pool side essentials for children and for you would be useful if you are planning a similar trip soon.


A no brainer really, for everyone in the sunshine, especially little ones and anybody who wants to have good skin in the future. The sun is the quickest and easiest way to prematurely age your skin, causing more damage than anything else. Scarily, the real damage doesn't show up for 8-10 years, so nearly a decade after your tan has faded, you'll be regretting it! I use Factor 50 on Fifi, normally an aerosol style to get every nook and cranny. For me, I have started using mineral suncream, which doesn't block your pores (I find suncream makes my skin dreadful) and blocks the sun out really well. I have tried Liz Earle's version, which is lovely, but am coveting the bare minerals powder sunscreen for my face, which is literally like a loose powder, and adds a touch of colour whilst protecting and improving your skin. I also protect my hair with Aveda sun protection veil, which sprays on to prevent your hair from cooking in the sun!


For Fifi, we have found that the old fashioned bucket and spade seem to work best on the beach, as they don't get broken when thrown in water or covered in sand. I also like inflatable pool toys to help her in the water, the rubber rings with holes for her feet are great for bobbing along in the water (fully supervised of course!). We've also discovered that the beach is the best place for bubbles, and always take a tube or two.

Swimming Costumes: 

Being pregnant, the idea of squeezing into a bikini or swimming costume fills me with fear, so I rarely do. I object to spending too much on maternity swimwear, as no amount of uplift or ruffle is going to make me look slimmer, but I think Jojo Mamam Bebe make a good range that are quite reasonably priced (especially if you find one of their discount code on a brochure). When I'm not pregnant, I tend to buy have one fancy swimming costume or bikini, that makes me feel confident, and a couple of other cheaper ones I wear once I'm in the 'holiday zone', and have forgotten my insecurities (normally after a pina colanda or 4). I adore Heidi Klein swimwear, even though it is seriously expensive. Their assistants are so helpful, and make you feel great, and their range is amazing. For cheaper and super convenient service, I use Figleaves, which is delivered quickly and easy to return.

For children, I can never decide which works better, the UV suits or normal swimming costumes with lashings of suncream. My problem with the UV suits and tops is that they are really hard to get wriggly children into, and I find Fifi gets really hot in them, much hotter than a normal swimming costume, so I tend to use normal swimming costumes (which are also much sweeter!) unless the sun is very strong and I know she is going to be in it for a long time. 


I am never one to go au naturel (can you believe it!?), especially when on holiday. I aim for that beachy, sunkissed glow. For this I use no base, except for suncream (or a smudge of concealer if I'm a bit spotty), but will have a good layer of fake tan on. I use waterproof mascara, I currently use Lancome Hypnose Waterproof which lasts really well and give better definition than most waterproof mascaras. I then swirl on Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Bronze and some lipgloss and am good to go! 

To prepare for the beach, I would now definitely get Shellac nails, as they do not chip and last really well. I also try and fit in a spray tan (wobbly flesh somehow looks better when it's a bit golden), and get Kiren from Tan Me Tans to come to my home and give me a pre-holiday glow.

Liz Earle Mineral Sun Cream, SPF 20. From £19.25, available online and at Liz Earle stores and counters

Bare Minerals SPF 30 natural sunscreen. From £25, in three shades, Light, Medium and Dark. Available online from Bare Mineral counters.

Aveda Sun Care Protection Hair Veil. From £19 available online and from Aveda stores and counters.

Jojo Mamam Bebe, online and stores nationwide

Heidi Klein, 257 Paviliion Road, Chelsea, SW1X 0PB or online

Jack and Lucy, online or email

Lancome Hypnose Waterproof, £21, available online and from Lancome counters

Bobbi brown Shimmer Brick, from £30.50, available online and at Bobbi Brown counters

Tan Me Tans, Visit their website or call Kiren (07957 138 009) for prices and an appointment

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