Thursday, 3 May 2012

Blooming Gorgeous

I wanted to blog about some of my favourite maternity products today, and share some lesser known brands. Dressing in anything other than pyjamas proves problematic for me when pregnant, let alone looking stylish. However, it makes such a difference to my state of mind, if I feel that I don't look a total wreck. Key things I look for in maternity clothing are comfort, room the bump to grow and a bit of shape or tailoring, as I hate maternity clothes that are designed with potato sacks in mind. I also love a bit of pampering, and have a few go to maternity beauty brands for when I need a bit of me time.


Blossom Mother and Child sell beautiful maternity and baby clothes. They are not the cheapest around, but their pieces last, wash well and are classically stylish, so can be worn for future pregnancies (if you can even bear to think about doing the whole pregnancy thing again). My favourite purchase has been their Nico dress, which is a soft jersey and looks great through every stage of pregnancy. 

Next up is what I call 'lounge wear', but that makes me cringe a little and think of the 70s. However, I adore Sweaty Betty for super stretchy and comfortable leggings and vests. I wear them to the gym, but also for 'lounging' around the house and anything else I can get away with. 

Monsoon are a great high street brand for pretty maxi dresses and stretchy dresses that look like you've made an effort. I've recently bought this striped number, although, given the weather recently, it hasn't yet made an appearance. 

An American company are rapidly becoming my most favourite maternity clothing company. They ship to the UK, which helps, and have a fab range of tailored silk and jersey pieces that are just beautiful.

In terms of underwear, I stay as far away from maternity bras as I can until I have no choice in the matter, as I find them unsupportive and pretty ugly. However, I adore Hanky Panky boyshorts, which are, without question, the best knickers in the world. They don't ride up, sit comfortably under your bump, and have no vpl. They also come in every colour you can possibly imagine, so cheer you up, even if you are feeling big and pregnant!

Sleeping can be so uncomfortable as your bump gets bigger, I really struggle from about 6 months. But, at least you can get some really pretty nightwear to make the situation more bearable. Amoralia make gorgeous sleep wear and maternity underwear, which is practical and ridiculously comfortable at night. 


Neals Yard Remedies make a wonderful range of natural bath and body products for expectant mums, as well as new mums and babies. Their products always smell great and make wonderful presents for anyone you might know about to pop!

Mama Mio are another fab brand of body products for expectant mums, which make specific products for problem areas, like Boob Tube, a bust firmer and Tummy Oil, to help prevent stretch marks. They are also natural products, which don't contain parabens and other nasties.

Finally, I stumbled across an amazing product called Rodial Stretch Mark Mx about 6 months ago in the Space NK sale (it;s still on sale, at half price if you check their website). It claims to reduce existing stretch marks and help prevent new ones forming, and it definitely works. I wasn't plagued too badly with stretch marks during my first pregnancy (I put that down to my belly being large enough to fit a lot of food into already, so it didn't have to stretch much for a baby), but had a few above my hip bones. This wonder stuff has really helped them to fade, despite being pregnant again. By all accounts Victoria Beckham swears by the stuff....

Blossom Mother and Child, Nico dress £72, 164 Walton Street, SW3 2JL or online

Sweaty Betty, Control Yoga Leggings £38 and Mantra Vest, £20 from stores nationwide and online

Monsoon, stores nationwide and online

Hatch, only currently available online

Hanky Panky, £18 for a thong and £27 for boyshorts, available from Selfridges

Amoralia, available online and Pretty Pregnant stores nationwide

Neals Yard Remedies, stores nationwide or available online

Mama Mio, available online and in lots of stockists, check their site for details of one near you

Rodial Stretch Mx, £59 (although £29 at the moment) available at Space Nk and online

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