Friday, 4 May 2012

Candy Kisses

Today, what I really want to blog about is that apparently turnout at yesterday's elections was only 30%. I find this so sad (and a bit irritating, all anyone talks about is how much they object to current taxes, the Olympics, the NHS funding etc, but when given the opportunity to make a stand they choose to stay at home). However, I have been warned that I can get a bit preachy, and have definitely upset my husband (he was frog marched to the polling station last night and didn't talk to me much for at least 15 minutes afterwards), so have decided to focus my energies on a lovely new lipstick purchase (and you thought I was fickle....).

Lipstick isn't quit the right term, as this is a lipstick crossed with a lip balm. It's by YSL (who make fab products with even fabber packaging!) and called Volupte Sheer Candy. It goes on just like a tinted lipbalm, but gives you an injection of subtle colour and amazing gloss. It's packaged in the most bling-tastic tube, with gold filigree detailing, so just screams to be pulled out of your handbag at any opportunity.

It comes in 6 standard shades, ranging from a soft pink , through a delicious nude (my favourite) to stronger pinky reds and a final deep red. YSL have also just released 4 extra Spring shades, so there are lots to choose from.

I used my Boots points (weirdly I have rather a lot of these, I cannot fathom out how...) to treat myself to the peachy nude, called Juicy Grapefruit, which adds a hint of soft colour without looking too strong, so ideal for days when you are going for a natural makeup look. 

I wore it yesterday all day (to be fair, it has to be reapplied several times, but does last longer than expected) and my lips felt very soft at the end of the day, unlike when I wer lipstick, which I find quite drying.  L'Oreal have released a similar product recently, called Rouge Caress, which are much cheaper (but lacking the gold filigree!), but I found the colours a bit bright for my very neutral taste in lip colour. However, the Lovely Rose shade is such a pretty pink and certainly worth a look.

YSL Sheer Candy Lipstick, £23.50 available nationwide and online

L'Oreal Rouge Caress, £7.99 available nationwide and online (at Boots it's currently on offer, 2 for £14)

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