Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Frugal Face Masks and Other Stories

Can I start today's blog post by saying a huge thank you to everyone who voted for me in the Sainsbury's Bank Family Blogger Award. I have made it to the final, and cannot tell you how thrilled I am. Thank you so much for sparing a few minutes to cast a vote!

In honour of this, I thought I'd blog about something that is a bit more financially conscious than some of my other columns. Sadly (for Mr. G), the beauty world is fuelled by money, and products seem to get more expensive all the time. Only a few years ago, I remember people being shocked at the price of Creme De La Mer, at just over £100 a pot. Now, it seems that people will happily pay this amount and more for all manner of products, with some face potions costing over £400. 

However, some of the best beauty products I love are at the cheaper end of the spectrum, normally the ones full of natural ingredients (for example, Rosehip Oil, Argan Oil and Aromatherapy Associates Bath Oils). So, I thought I would try some home made beauty treats, and share the best ones with you....

Avocado and Apricot Face Mask: By all accounts, a certain Mrs. Beckham swears by this home made gloopy face mask, which is packed full of vitamin E and supposed to moisturise and plump up your skin. Mrs. B likes to wear this in bed (really, I can't believe it!), which wasn't my first choice (think of the mess on your sheets), but it was quite fun to make and smear on, and I'm sure my skin was appreciative! The recipe is straightforward, blend (or mush with a fork) an avocado with  4 or 5 apricots and rub into your face. Just don't forget to wash off before opening the door!

Olive Oil Hand Scrub: This trick was taught to me by my mum when I was very young. I developed an obsession with Flo Jo's fingernails when I was young, and used to make my mum paint my nails, each in a different colour (this was the eighties, so picture ten different shades of coral pink right through to frosted pink). But whilst she was teaching me the importance of a good manicure, she also hammered home the importance of moisturising your hands. Hand cream is a convenient place to start, but when you are in the kitchen a teaspoon of table salt and a good lug of olive oil, rubbed all over your hands, makes them super soft and smooth. You need to use soap to get it off, so make sure it's a gentle one (NOT washing up liquid, that stuff is evil on your skin), and I promise your hands will be as soft as a baby's bottom!

Hair Conditioner: If your hair is feeling a bit lacklustre, coconut oil is a genius trick, which deep conditions and adds a yummy scent (very tropical, think Pina Colada!). You can buy huge tubs for a few pounds in health food shops, which last for ever, and can be used as a make up remover, and on dry patches of skin. To use as a conditioner, massage into the lengths and ends, wrap in cling film (or a shower cap) and leave for at least 20 minutes. Shampoo out (thoroughly!) and condition as normal. You can also use coconut oil as make up remover.

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