Sunday, 13 May 2012

Phil and Teds Excellent Adventure

So, we've had the Phil and Teds Explorer for a few days now, and I thought I'd share my thoughts on it with you. Firstly, it arrives almost ready to use, just requiring a few clicks to fit the wheels and sunshade, which is brilliant. The Bugaboo took two of us a whole evening to put together, whereas the P&T took me about 10 minutes (although in typical me fashion, I managed to cut myself on the box....very smart!).

It's pretty narrow and light, in comparison to both of our previous Bugaboo's, and although the back wheels are probably as wide as the Chameleon, the frame is narrower, thus its easier to get past in the hallway. It folds up much more easily and smaller than the old ones (no need to strap me onto the roof for car journeys...woo hoo!). The area for shopping etc underneath is really good and spacious, and you can fit lots in (as a single, yet to try as a double). Also, the footmuff seems much warmer and snugger than the Bugaboo version, and is very cute!

Snug as a Bug!
There are some downsides. It's not as robust as the Bugaboo, the sunshade feels a bit flimsy and the footmuff doesn't attach very well, so, sort of slides down the seat a bit, which never happened with the Bugaboo. It also is a bit harder to steer and is a nightmare getting up pavements, as it feels very heavy when tilted onto its back wheel.

To conclude, I honestly think that the Phil and Teds is a fab buggy, and really does the job. It's much more reasonably priced than the Bugaboo Donkey, coming in at just under half the price. It seems practical and comfortable, and the straps are the right length, which always helps. However, I can't lie, as a single. I prefer the Chameleon. It's a dream to push and use, and although this is a great alternative, it isn't quite as good in my eyes. However, with two children, the P&T makes the most sense, and is a great buy. I'd definitely recommend it, and am thrilled with it (but slightly jealous everytime I walk past a Chameleon!).

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