Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Rose Hip Hip Hooray!

You might have read about Miranda Kerr's beauty regime in the press recently. It gathered quite a lot of publicity, mainly due to her natural approach to skincare. Her one rave product was a facial oil made from Rose Hip, which is rich in fatty acids and nutrients, which are amazing for your skin, and Miranda claims give her that stunning glow she always seems to have. Rose Hip helps boost radiance, diminish fine lines, add moisture and can be used all over the body on stretch marks and scars. The other benefit of Rose Hip oil, over other facial oils, is that it soaks in straight away, rather than sitting on your skin and leaving an oily residue (meaning you can only use them at night). 

I have had a bottle of Trilogy Rose Hip oil hanging around for ages, but never used it as I was concerned about it leaving my skin spotty and greasy. However, in pursuit of Miranda Kerr's beauty, I have started slapping the stuff on by the bucket load! Although I cannot claim to look anything like the radiant beauty herself, I have found the oil really great to use. It has really helped with dry patches, on my forehead and neck, and the act of massaging it in really helps boost radiance in the morning. However, it hasn't helped the greasy patches, which remain the same as ever (although no worse!).

It has also really helped with dry skin on my elbows and tummy, and does sink in quickly without oiliness. There are lots of other brands on the market, I've included a few in the list below. Let me know what you think. Finally, Miranda also advocates body brushing and curling her eyelashes with a spoon....have fun!

Trilogy Rose Hip Oil, £13.88 for 100ml available from trilogystores.co.ukAmazon, Boots, Holland and Barratt and many other stockists.

Neals Yard Remedies Rose Hip Oil, £16.35 available here

A'kin Rose Hip Oil, £15.99 available from here

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