Thursday, 10 May 2012

Special Little Delivery

When it comes to choosing toys for my daughter, there are a few things I look for. Firstly, as I have mentioned before, I like wooden, quiet toys. Until recently, Fifi has objected to this as a design concept, always choosing the noisy, plastic varieties. However, as she has got old (and thus wiser!) she has started to play with the wooden things much more, to my joy (although, the massive plastic car that currently resides in my new kitchen would put paid to that theory, but Mr. G would be devastated if I threw out his toys). The second thing I like in a nice wooden toy, is the ability to personalise it. Obviously, not every toy my daughter owns has her name on it (Fisher Price don't do personalisation!), but I think it can be sweet having a few bits which are special to my daughter. So, I was really excited to find a new toy emporium (of the online variety), which meets both of my needs. 

Little Delivery, which is actually based in Fulham, is a fab website, choc-full of gorgeous and colourful toys and gifts for all age ranges. They also stock personalised stationary and decor (amazing)! I am literally in toy heaven on this site. 

The company was founded by Nina, who having worked in the city as a surveyor for years, decided that she wanted to do her own thing on her own terms. Having given up her job, she was lucky enough to become an Aunt to Harry, and wanting to shower him with presents, quickly realised that there was a huge void for a site that offered special and unique presents for him, that were a pleasure to give and lots of fun to pay with. And so Little Delivery was born! If you are in need of tasteful, unique gifts for a little one, have a look, I can't recommend it enough!

Little Delivery, click here to visit website


  1. It's a wondeful site! Ticks all the boxes...well done Nina for bringing us something like this.

  2. Wow, I love this site!

  3. At last...... a beautifully designed site selling lovely lovely things for all my little friends. I'll definitly be recommending this one. Thank you.


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