Friday, 18 May 2012

Wardrobe Woes and Storage Solutions

Excuse the slightly random nature of this post, but I wanted to share this storage idea with you, as I have got very excited by it! I have just had some new wardrobes fitted and had to reorganise all of my clothes, shoes and makeup. Now, I know what you are thinking, especially anyone who follows me on Pinterest...that I have acquired some incredible, walk in wardrobe. Why else would i be writing about it? And, I wish you were right. Alas, the reality of the situation is quite the opposite. I used to have an entire room, literally a double bedroom, with floor to ceiling, wall to wall wardrobes (albeit Ikea, but more storage than anyone could ever fill). I had a wardrobe for shoes, one for coats, a chest of drawers for makeup and so on (you get the idea). It wasn't a very pretty room, but I loved it. 

Fast forward a couple of years, and suddenly I find myself pregnant with baby number two. I'm obviously thrilled and excited, but it begs the question, where is he going to sleep. Fifi has a bedroom directly above our room, which is fine, but does mean there is a staircase to climb every time I need to go upstairs, which in the early days was a bit a pain. Mr. G's study (bear in mind he works for a company who provide an office for him 5 days a week, and he only uses his 'study' for playing computer games...), is next door to her room, and the obvious choice for a new nursery. However, somehow, I was convinced that rather than convert the study, a much better idea would be to get rid of my wardrobe and turn the room next door to ours into the nursery. Hmmmm.

Well, after weeks of clearing out stuff, I have moved all of my stuff into one normal sized wardrobe (well, i also insisted on a second in the bloody study, but that's just for coats and shoes, no space for my 67 jumpers.....). The charity shop around the corner have offered to canonize my husband, who has had the job of delivering the 11 (and counting) bin liners of stuff to the shop. And, now, exhausted, and considerably lighter in all fashion departments, I have had to invent new organisational techniques to fit everything in. 

The crowning glory of this has to be the nail polish storage solution. OMG it is amazing. Having scoured ebay for something to hold the ridiculous number of nail polishes that I own (with a disproportionate number of greens and blues, very odd), I gave up and accepted that they'd have to be shoved into a bag or something. And then I stumbled across a spice rack. No, I'm not going mad, but being frugal and creative. For the princely sum of £11 on eBay, I have devised a nail varnish rack to be proud of. Perhaps a touch wonky (blame Mr. G, he put it up after a large whisky), and a touch small (I still have 20 that won't fit in), but pretty awesome if I do say so myself.

I am now trying to figure out if a colander might be a clever way to store earrings? It would certainly be a talking point....

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