Saturday, 23 June 2012

She Wore Diamonds in Her Hair

I've been getting some serious jewellery envy this week, courtesy of the Chanel pre-Fall 2012 campaign images, that seem to be in every magazine at the moment. I have a real thing for hair jewels and accessories, the more unusual and ornate the better. I am a secret hippy, and adore traditional Indian jewellery, but am rarely brave enough to wear it. That being said, I rocked a hippy headdress on my wedding day, which I still wear and treasure.

A couple of years later, Kim Kardashian rocked a diamond version at her short lived wedding, which I thought was stunning (the diamond headdress, not the 72 day marriage!)

This season Chanel have channelled the Raj in their stunning Metier D'Arts Paris-Bombay collection, and I cannot express how much I love it. Here are some pictures to make you fall in love with the Raj meets Paris collection...

For inspiration of how to make this look a bit more wearable, I cannot recommend a blog called Wear Is It From highly enough. Gemma is my accessory icon, and manages to rock the coolest accessories everyday, check it out!

P.S. Mr G, if you are reading this, it's my birthday in 2 weeks, any of the above would do just fine x


  1. Love the blog!!

    I'm also looking for a headdress for my sister (a wedding present to be worn on the day) & was wondering if it was cheeky to ask where you got yours? You look gorgeous!

    1. Hi! Thanks so much. I got mine from a jeweller called Erickson Beamon, who were based next door to my wedding dress shop, so very convenient. You can customise their designs as much as you like, which is fun! If that's no good for you, Jenny Packham has a range online, or for cheaper options, try Topshop, Glitzy Secrets and Asos, they have all stocked similar things in the past. Ebay also often has real gems if you want something unique. Good Luck! (and whata lovely sister you are!) x


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