Friday, 22 June 2012

A is for Apps, Part 2

Since my first post on great baby apps, my baby has grown up, and learnt how to buy apps....the wonders of dexterous fingers! She has also moved on from some of the apps geared towards younger toddlers, and started to enjoy slightly more challenging ones. These are some of her favourites:


This is a educational app, designed to help with counting, shapes and colours. It has lovely, wooden pieces to move, which make authentic, wooden noises, and has a selection of different games to keep your toddler amused for at least 5 minutes.

The Cat in the Hat

Based on the Dr. Seuss books, this app reads your toddler the story, or allows them to read it themselves, with the original drawings. It has fun sound effects, and is read really well, to captivate even the most demanding of audiences.

Peppa Pig's Party Time

Slightly less educational, but lots of fun, this app lets you help Peppa Pig organise her birthday party, bake a cake and play lots of games with her friends. Fifi adores it, especially baking the cake and hitting the pinata. Lots of colours and fun things to try out! Fifi also loves the Bob the Builder game, which is similar, but has colouring and searching for trucks as the main games.

My Very First App

Contrary to the name, this app is not her first, but a definite favourite of Fifi's. It revolves around Eric Carle's Very Hungry Caterpillar, and has several levels, increasing in difficulty, with activities such as matching and pairing up flash cards. 

I Love You Through and Through

A great bedtime app, for calming hyperactive toddlers down. This is a book rather than a game, but a sweet one that toddlers can learn to read with. I adore the message, and its perfect for those evenings, when you are too tired to crack out the 17 different voices required for Peter Pan!

Logic, £0.79, from the iTunes Store

The Cat in the Hat App, £2.49, from the iTunes Store Pig's Party Time, £2.99, from the iTunes Store

My Very First App, £1.49, from the iTunes Store

I Love you Through and Through, £2.49 from the iTunes Store

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  1. My daughter loves the Party Time app. Have you tried any of the other Peppa Pig apps? The Polly Parrot "Feed Polly" game has helped a lot with my daughter's numeracy, as you have to count crackers.


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