Friday, 8 June 2012

Shiny Chanel

I’m genrally a fan of lipglosses over lipsticks, as I prefer the sheer colour and the texture, but I love the idea of lipstick. I thin it looks so much more chic to pull out a lipstick and sweep if over your lips, rather than coat them with a goopy brush. So, imagine my delight (it doesn’t take much to delight me these days) when I discovered Chanel’s Rouge Coco Shine, a lipstick but with the same pigment levels and texture as a gloss.

Branded as a sheer lipshine, these little tubes of gorgeousness are perfect for summer, imparting a high shine gloss and hint of colour onto your lips, without looking overly ‘done’. I like it so much that I have bravely ventured out of the ‘nude’ palette, and found a midtoned shade that I can actually wear without looking like one of the ugly sisters (well, at least as far as my lips are concerned).

My three favourite shades are Boy (the aforementioned non nude in my life), a warm pink with slightly plummy undertones, Empirent, a sheer nude (adore this, I’m wearing it now!) and  Candeur, a pinky nude, which looks very pink in the tube, but leaves a subtle pinkish hue behind. The formulation is super moisturising, so feels almost like a lipbalm and doesn't leave your lips feeling dry as it wears off, as I find most lipsticks do.

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine, £24 each available from Chanel counters nationwide


  1. I wore this in Fetiche on my wedding day and really liked it, as it gives a bit of colour and gloss with a more natural finish than most lipsticks I've tried.

    1. I couldn't agree more! And Fetiche is a fab shade, definitely on my list of ones to buy!! x


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