Friday, 8 June 2012

Supersoft Muslins

The one thing I found that I could never have enough of with Fifi was muslin cloths. Little ones for wiping things up (i.e. sick, little babies make rather a lot!), bigger ones for wiping noses and huge ones for swaddling and keeping the sun off when in the buggy or car seat. Stupidly, I bought predominantly pink ones for Fifi, and feel a bit mean swaddling my new little boy in a pink, floral cocoon, so have been investigating boyish designs. 

The Sweet Dreameezz

I stumbled across a brand called Cuski last week, who have the ingenious idea of making a black one, that keeps light out, so ideal for draping over the buggy as the baby sleeps. Intrigued, I contacted the company itself and they were kind enough to send me a couple of samples to have a look at. They are officially the softest, snuggliest things I have ever held, and a dream compared to lots of other brands. The idea behind their products is to comfort the baby, and they encourage mum and dad to sleep with them, so they smell familiar to the baby, and help to soothe and settle him. The muslins are made from bamboo, so light and breathable, and come in all manner of sweet, and unisex designs.

The Great Swandoodle

The list of uses is endless, a comforter, swaddle or blanket, a cover for breast feeding, a sarong for mum (or dad?!) get the gist! If you don't believe me, go and have a feel of one, they are incredible, and the perfect thing for my little man to be wrapped in!

Fifi getting cosy!

Cuski Muslins, (The Great Swandoodles and The Sweet DreameezZ are the two that I tried out), from £21.99 for a giant muslin. Available online direct from Cuski, and also from Ocado and other baby retailers (see their website for details)

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  1. I've bought the sweet dreamy and the crowns & tiara serendipity swandoodle they are amazing I was in London for the Jubilee with my 11 month old son and these were invaluable, weather was cold and hot weird really and the swandoodle really kept him at the right temperature, no need for blankets or other covers and the sweet dreamy was a god send when he was asleep draped to keep the light out. So many passers by commented on the lovely designs and fab idea.
    The size plus the designs and quality are the best available and I know I have every one you can think of, but only need these now.


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