Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Figgy Delights

It's my birthday this weekend and I've already been horribly spoilt by some of my friends. I think they feel sorry for me, as I'm at the stage of pregnancy where standing up is a problem, let alone walking around, so they are all being especially lovely! One amazing present I've been given (and yes, I have opened and used before my actual birthday....shhh!!!) is an amazing Laura Mercier gift set, containing a selection of the most sublime Fig bath products.

You may have noticed from previous posts that I adore Laura Mercier. However, I have always been so caught up with her makeup that I have never tried any of her bath range. What a mistake!! They are amazing. The set I was given is the Fresh Fig range, containing the Honey Bath, Scrub and Souffle Body Cream, and I absolutely adore it! The smell is so evocative of warm figs, baking in the sunshine, whisking me back to a fabulous holiday we once had in the South of France, with trees laden with figs in the garden. 

Other than the divine scent, the products are brilliant too. The Honey Bath gives a rich foam that scents the whole house and isn't at all drying on your skin, which I can find with foaming bubble baths. The scrub is my hero product, the grains are tiny so they really get into all the creases to give your skin a proper scrub, whilst imparting moisture and fragrance. Finally, the body cream is decadent and thick, perfect for slapping on parched skin after a long soak, and left my skin soft for the entire next day. Blissful!

So, if you fancy a bath treat, give these delicious products a go, they are amazing!

P.S Thanks Jacqui!!!

Laura Mercier Bath and Body Range, from £13. Available in a selection of delicious scents, including Fresh Fig (highly recommended), Pistachio and Almond, from Laura Mercier counters and online.

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