Friday, 6 July 2012

Heavenly Creatures

I am far too excited today, as I am going shopping to MAC (the make up variety not the Apple store) to go and invest in some of their brand new collection. It's called Heavenly Creatures and is a mineral range of stunning blushers, illuminators and eyeshadows, not to mention the gorgeous lip glosses, lipsticks and skin care. They look like mini planets, all swirly, metallic and marbleised and I am so excited to try them!

I have my eye on a few key items, namely the Skinfinish in Light Year, a peachy pink tone, with golden flecks, that makes you skin look luminous and highlighted, Supernova blusher, a warm pink that looks like a great rival to Nars Orgasm (my all time favourite), Earthly eyeshadow, as a neutral everyday nude shade, and most excitingly, the Volcanic Ash exfoliator, which looks incredible (this is a rerelease, which has had some great reviews, so I have to get some and give it a whirl!).

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  1. Oooooo, I am loving this post, now you have got me so excited! We are taking our annual trip to Toronto in October, of course the birth place of MAC and I always stock up with their products there as they are a little cheaper, will definitely be getting some of that lovely new blusher you mentioned! Be intersetd to hear how you have got on with it? X x x


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