Thursday, 5 July 2012

Endless Energy

Mr. G and I have been trying a new product this week, that claims to boost energy levels, fight fatigue, and make you feel more awake. No, we haven't sold our toddler to Brangelina, instead, we have been using a B12 Spray. I've never been very sure about vitamin supplements, rarely seeing a huge benefit from taking them. I like Pharmaton (AVOID if pregnant!!), as it does give me more energy, but it's pretty expensive and I was always forgetting to take it. 

The B12 spray, is an oral spray, that you spray under your tongue whenever suits (I leave it by the fridge, so see it every 2 or 3 minutes on my hunt for chocolate, helping me to remember to take it). And it most certainly works. I'm not going to tell you that you will suddenly want to run a marathon, but both Mr. G and I have found we get tired later in the day (you know feeling that you have run into a brick wall, and you can't face bathing your child? That has been pushed back to past 7pm....woo hoo), and can stay up a little later, and not feel foggy and sleepy in the morning. I am definitely feeling more positive and more energised, despite being weighed down by a very heavy baby and some sizeable hips. If you feel a bit tired and sluggish, give it a go!

Better You B12 Boost Oral Spray, £11.94 from Amazon. There are lots of other brands and flavours out there though, so have a search if you hate the idea of Apricot flavour. I think it's yummy!

Pharmaton Capsules, £23.25 for 100 capsules. Available in larger Boots stores and online

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