Thursday, 5 July 2012

Urban Retreat at Home

I've been feeling pretty sub par for a few weeks, and looking even worse. Being pregnant does not equate to a glow for me, more like big bags under my eyes and spotty skin. Coupled with being unwell for a week or two, I'm certainly not looking or feeling my dazzling best. Trying to tell myself it was all in my head, I took my makeup off last night and curled up on the sofa. Mr. G took a long hard look at me and told me that when I pull certain faces (relaxing, looking at the television) I really resemble is late Grandma, who died at 95 weighing less than a baby with a serious amount of facial hair. I hope he was referring to her in her prime, when she was very beautiful, but doubt started to creep in. Suffice to say drastic measures are being put in place today. The tweezers have already attacked my eyebrows, and all manner of potions are being slapped on throughout the day.

However, sometimes, DIY beauty isn't enough, and today is one of those time. But, with both my nanny and husband off on holiday next week (Mr. G will tell you it's for work, but I think 4 days at a stunning hotel in Dubai, flying business class, and not having anything to do except sunbathe, is a holiday, or as my mum would say, 'a work jolly'. Shame I'm not too 'jolly' about it) I need someone to come to me. Imagine my reaction, when early this morning on Twitter I saw a mention of 'Urban Retreat at Home'. I nearly died with happiness. Urban Retreat is an incredible spa and beauty sanctuary. There is one in Harrods in London and another in Harvey Nichols in Manchester. They offer the hugest range of treatments, from Creme De La Mer and La Prairie Facials, to injectable fillers and trichology consultations, and everything in between.

They have recently launched their at home service, which offers a brilliant menu of treatments, including Murad facials, lava shell massages (I don't know what this is, but I know I want one), waxing and Leighton Denny manicures, all in the comfort of your home. They offer parties, corporate events or just one off treatments, and come fully prepared with everything you need, gowns and slippers, teas, background music and room scents to make you feel like you are in a spa. Heaven!

Urban Retreat at Home, from £70 per hour in central London, £55 per hour outside of London. Call 0844 793 8344 to book or for more details.


  1. That sounds heavenly, the last spa I visited was the blimmin baby spa!! Will definitely be checking this out and dropping very unsubtle hints to my hubby

    1. I hope your hubby is better at taking hints than mine. Mr. G is not getting the idea!!


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