Friday, 20 July 2012

Every Girl Needs a Stud in Her Life!

I love, love, love studs. No, not the male type, but the metal version. I own a couple of gorgeous studded jackets and wear them when I am trying to look hip and cool (two things that I never pull off very well). I accept that being a mum of one and a half, it's a difficult look to pull off, but every now and then I pretend I'm young and down with the kids (is that term even use anymore....?) and wear a studded number (or two, if I'm feeling super cool!). 

So, having had a bit of a week, cumulating in Mr. G going on his second business trip in 10 days (first up was Dubai, a 7 hour flight away, today it's Prague, not so far but not ideal when I'm 10 days away from having this baby), and dropping in to conversation casually that he would not be able to fly home after his meeting, as there were literally no flights to the UK until the middle of Friday night. He thought that this would make me less grumpy about him going, but all I could think was, if I go into labour, that's a very long way for him to run. Not happy. So, I decided to do what I do best when life gets to me. Buy something inordinately expensive, that will show Mr. G who is boss and look pretty at the same time. So cue some new, studded shoes. And, for the first time ever, Mr. G noticed the label, paused, smiled and said 'nice shoes'. No complaints at all. The first perk of pregnancy!

The shoes in question are amazing. Prepare yourself. Buttery soft leather, practical, elegant and lots of studs. But not just any studs, star shaped studs. Who knew they even existed? But, oh how pretty! They are comfortable too. Win win! Well, not when you see the price tag.

But, sadly, Fifi has registered their amazingness too, and loves nothing better than shuffling around the house in them saying 'Fifi shoes' at the top of her voice, and wouldn't nap yesterday without them in her cot. She offered me her red Start-rites in exchange. 

Jimmy Choo Western Ballerinas, £295, available in black leather and glitter leather in sizes 35-41, online and from larger Jimmy Choo stores (they are not stocked in Westfield, White City!)

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